Ni no Kuni: Rare Item Farming & Errand 78

MadScientistSo, you’ve been playing Ni no Kuni, you’ve just finished the main game and you have just a handful of errands left. One of said errands is the dreaded ‘Errand 78’ given to you by the Master Alchemist in his cave at the south of the Shimmering Sands. The task involves creating an axe, but the ingredients for it are not easy to come by. This is a quick little guide to help you get the items you need to get this errand completed!

I haven’t written a ‘guide’ before, if you could call this that, but I will take you through the aforementioned errand, give a few rare item farmings methods and also just go over the locations of a few items that you may need. This will help you get this task done, but also, if you are intent on getting platinum on this game, this should help you get the Mad Scientist trophy.

Back to the task and the item that you need to create is called a War God’s Ax. Speaking to the Master Alchemist will tell you that you need to collect ‘rainbow-coloured fossils’ and some ‘writings about the mysteries of this world’. In more helpful terms, you need 5 Scrolls of Truth and 5 Kaleidostones, but you will also need a Demon’s Axe.

You need to make the Demon’s Axe in order to get to this task, but just in case you haven’t, here is a summary to help you out.

You will first need a Grand Ax, which you can actually purchase from the shop in Perdida. You will also need 2 Black Wings and 3 Tachestones.

These items shouldn’t be too hard to find and you may even have enough of them already. If you haven’t, this is how you can get them:

Black Wings

You can steal these from a couple of encounters on the Spring Isles of Nazcca, so travel to or fly over to the island to begin. The familiars you are after are Relixx and Eggyptians. Relixx both drop (12%) and hold Black Wings, which you have a 30% chance of successfully stealing from them. Eggyptians are eggsactly the same, so it shouldn’t take very long at all to gather 2 Black Wings.


For these I would head over to the Ivory Tower. You want to hunt Honky-Tonkers, the duck-like familiars with trumpets for its bill. These will probably try to run away from you, but they are slow and the small corridors will make them easy to catch. Honky-Tonkers have a 12% chance of dropping Tachestones and a 30% steal rate, so again, it shouldn’t take very long to collect 3 Tachestones.

Combine your Grand Ax, Black Wings and Tachestones to create the Demon’s Axe and go talk to the Master Alchemist to begin the next errand.

As mentioned, you will need the Demon’s Axe you have just created, but also 5 Scrolls of Truth and 5 Kaleidostones. These are an absolutely pain to collect, but with the right strategy you will have enough to complete this task in a few hours! When I got to this stage in the game, I struggled and tried a few different methods and will go through them all now.

Hope you get lucky

The most ridiculous method is to grind and hope that enemies drop these items, but let’s just look at this method in a bit more detail.

The enemies that drop these two items are all Gold versions of monsters and are quite rare. So first of all, you will have to ‘grind’ on rare monsters. On top of that, the drop rates of these items are 4%. Put these two things together and you have the worst method in the world for collecting rare items. Do not do this.

Defeat the Guardian of the Worlds

You may have come across him already, which is good if you have because you have a lot of running around to do to get to him. Namely, you have to be post game and have completed tasks 116-130, which involves travelling to a hidden area to find your client and then revisiting all of the bosses you’ve met in your travels and beating them all over again.

Sounds like a lot of work but if you put your head down it won’t take more then a couple of hours. Once you’ve done it, you can unlock the Guardian of the Worlds, a boss you can rinse and repeat. It is recommended you are at least level 70 to take him on, but even at max level, things can go badly quickly. He has two moves, one that will definitely kill anyone caught in it whilst not guarding, so together with the AI of your comrades, it can turn into a very frustrating battle.

That said, with the right strategy and the right set up, he can be a very manageable boss, one you can beat in around 5 minutes. (Check this youtube video out for an example.)

However, even if you get a maxed team and can defeat him with no problems, he drops a handful of rare items (Scrolls of Truth, Kaleidostones, Evil Eyes, Glowstones and Trolls Tears that I know of) and you have absolutely no control over which one he will drop.

So, if you have a decent team, it might be an option, but if you are after specific items, it could still be a little time consuming. It would be worth trying him and seeing if it works for you.

The Gold Glim method

If Swaine gets hold of a gold glim, you are guaranteed to steal a rare item from your enemy. This method utilises this move, but you need to find a way of getting gold glims in the right battles. To do this, you will need to get a ‘Nice!’ in battle and there are a few ways to do this.

Use a really strong move.

If I ever wanted to end a battle quickly, I would use Earsplitter on my Catastroceros to kill anything and everything instantly. More times then not, I would then see a little gold glim appear. I wouldn’t recommend doing this, because you will be hunting rare monsters and you don’t want to mow through them, even though the Gold familiar will normally just about survive the attack. You could hope the familiars accompanying the gold one drop one instead.

Use Pulse.

Oliver has a spell called Pulse that will knockback the enemy and produce your desired ‘Nice!’. It doesn’t guarantee a gold glim, but it is more successful then the first method. If you opt for this method, I would equip Oliver with the weakest wand you have to optimise the amount of times you can use this before you kill the familiar.


For this method, the idea is to defend against any moves the familiars may use against you. This has a chance of producing a gold glim. It is the slowest method and battles can last 10-15 minutes if you are unlucky, but you are guaranteed a rare item each battle. This is definitely a plus when you consider you are hunting rare monsters as it is. I would put the team on All-Out Defense and don’t kill any of the familiars with the gold enemy, this will increase your chances a little bit more.

On all of the above methods, I would set each person to ‘Do nothing’ and continuously set them to All-Out Defense. The AI is stupid and this will prevent them from killing gold enemies/taking the gold glims.

I personally used a combination of the Pulse/Defend methods.


Have Oliver equipped with his weakest wand and the AI set to do nothing, spamming All-Out Defense. When you get into the battle, I would use Pulse on all enemies one-by-one and hope to get a gold glim. Do not kill anything though, you will want to keep them alive to use the defend method if Pulse proves unsuccessful.

Using the above method, I gathered the items I needed in a few hours and it seemed like a god send after trialling different monsters and methods. The only thing I haven’t explained yet is which familiars you want to hunt to get the Scrolls of Truth and Kaleidostones for the errand we started this post for.


You want to head to the Glittering Grotto and hunt Gold Bedraggles. These are the ones with bubbles coming out of its nose/mouth.

Head to the deepest part of the cave towards the last Waystone, where the path divides. I found most of my Gold Bedraggles walking back and forth between where the path first divides and following it to not quite up to the Waystone (so avoid the side with the stepping stones and invisible path).

You do find the Bedraggles in mobs, so fight mobs instead of scaring them away. More often then not, I would use the defending method, but I had enough Kaleidostones for the axe in a couple of hours.

Scrolls of Truth

For these you want to head to the Tombstone Trial and hunt Gold Honky-Tonkers. More specifically, head near the end of the path where the cave is. Walking from one side of the cave to the other is the simplest option and works well enough.

I wouldn’t bother using the defend method this time however, instead use Pulse and hope for the best. If that fails, don’t kill the Honky-Tonker and just have Swaine use a normal Mugshot. The steal rate for Scrolls of Truth is actually a generous 20%, so you will have a one in five chance of stealing one. The Honky-Tonkers aren’t too rare either and can be found in mobs, so go on a fighting spree and you’ll soon have enough Scrolls of Truth.

Demon Axe, Kaleidostones and Scrolls of Truth in hand, you now have what you need to create your War God’s Ax and to complete Errand 78. Congrats!

If you are also going for trophies, you will be going for the Mad Scientist trophy. For this, you will need to create 120 different items through alchemy. You can accomplish this quite easily and with as little rare item hunting as possible. Excluding the above errand, I only needed to create one other item with Kaleidostones or Scrolls of Truth. I would therefore just recommend doing everything else as much as possible, hunting normal monsters if you need to, and leaving these items until the very last.

Well, that’s it folks. I hope you find this useful! If I have missed anything out, or if you have any other suggestions, please leave a comment or tweet me @FF_Nash!

Thanks! :-)