Ni no Kuni: Power Leveling & Horace’s Riddles


It’s another Ni no Kuni post again! This time I’m going to tell you how to earn lots of experience and easy levels for you and your familiars. I’m also going to go through Horace’s riddles in order for Oliver to learn a very helpful spell called Veil, which makes sneaking up on enemies as easy as pie!

Let’s jump straight in.

There is a particular familiar that gives substantial amounts of experience and this is what we will be hunting for those much needed power levels. There are in fact three forms of this familiar throughout the game, each becoming accessible at later stages, but each giving more experience then the last.

So, what is this incredible creature?



Starting us off is the basic form, the elusive Toko.

This is the first form and is the first one that you can reach in the story. Once you have yourself a neato boat, you just need to head to the small group of islands to the north east of Ding Dong Dell, or north west of Autumnia. The islands are populated with some popular familiars, like Mites, Thumbelemurs and Drongos, but the island we want is the smallest NinoKuniSIone to the south of the group. On this small stretch of land you will find your Tokos.

It’s not quite so straight forward though. Tokos are actually quite big scaredy cats and will run away from you the moment they see you, so you will have to be crafty and sneak up on them in order to catch them. You can even use the small island to your advantage here, as they will normally stay at the edge of the island when they run from you, which means you can corner them quite easily.

It is worth noting as well that the island has a few other familiars, most of which will probably chase you! These mobs can contain Tokos though, so it may be worth taking them on. However, if you are fresh out of Castaway Cove they may prove a little difficult.

When you do bag yourself a fight with a Toko the key is to be as quick as possible in defeating it. This is because they will run away if you take too long (which could be instantly!). Set AI to attack the same enemy as the character you control and if necessary use All-Out Attack as you enter the battle, but one quick move from a strong familiar should be enough to take it out. I wouldn’t recommend using normal attacks as Tokos have high evasion!

When you are victorious, you will earn yourself around 2000+ experience, enough to easily earn a few levels at this stage in the game.


NinoKuniTokoTokoNext up is the Tokotoko. It looks almost identical to a Toko, but is perhaps a little bigger and a darker green.

Tokotokos become available when you can reach Perdida, the small town tucked away on the Autumnia continent. To reach it you will need the ability to fly as you can’t get here by boat, but it is probably worth waiting until you can actually enter Perdida before you start training here. If you leave Perdida and walk directly into the valley just below, you will find some Tokotokos.

I would say they are a little harder to find then the Tokos were, so if you are unlucky it may take a minute or two for you to find one, but they are definitely worth the wait. Each Tokotoko will reap over 8000 experience points, which is more then most of the games’ bosses! Plus, it isn’t uncommon to have more then one in a battle, which means twice as much exp.

Of course, these guys are a little stronger and will take a bit more to defeat, but at this stage of the game you should have enough manpower to take them on. As before, I would recommend using abilities as soon as you enter the battle, something like Earsplitter that attacks the entire field works a treat.

Upon leaving Perdida, I would follow the valley right around until you reach the dead end. If you haven’t encountered any Tokotokos, use Travel back to Perdida. Entering the town will reset the encounters on the world map and you can then just rinse and repeat.

Even when I reached the end of the game, I would head here to train up new familiars as the Tokotokos were reasonably easy to find and were so much experience. It takes just a couple of fights to be able to ‘evolve’ new familiars, which may be something to keep in mind if you will be hunting trophies later too.


NinoKuniTokocoldThe third and final form is the Tokocold. These bad boys are only available in one of the games final areas, the Ivory Tower, but they of course give the most experience, even more then the final boss.

They are however also the rarest. You can easily wander up and down the corridors in the tower for 10-15 minutes before finding one and then you have to hope you can catch it. Some might say they are worth the trouble though as each one you defeat gives around 24,000 experience points!

Adopt a similar battle strategy to the other Tokos and you will have no problems bringing them down, but these ones definitely like running away so you have to be quick.

Right, so Tokos are the way forward. Got it?

One of the only difficulties in hunting Tokos is their ability to get away from you so darn fast. If only there was a way you could sneak up on them every time… and of course, there is such a way!

This brings me to the second part of this guide and where our friend Horace comes in. You may have come across him in your journey already, but in case you haven’t.. Horace is a young ghost (if that makes any sense at all) that you first meet in Ding Dong Dell. If you answer his riddles, you will see him again in another town down the line and so on. He tends to award you with swell new spells for Oliver and one such spell is Veil.

Veil does what its name implies. It creates a veil that hides your party and gives you the ability to walk among enemies unnoticed. This includes those pesky Tokos!

Furthermore, if you walk into a Toko (or any encounter) while Veil is in effect, you gain the pre-emptive advantage in the battle, which gives you a bit of a head start. This makes battling Tokos a whole lot easier. It also means you can avoid fighting anything that you don’t want to fight.

The riddles given to you vary in difficulty, but most involve your Wizard’s Companion in some way. You can try and solve these the old fashioned way if you like, if so, please do not read any further!

Horace appears in towns as you get to them, so each of these steps requires you to be at a certain point in the story. If you are near the end of the game and have missed one, you can just go back and Horace will then appear in the next town. For veil, you need to reach Horace in Perdida, so here are your solutions!

Ding Dong Dell

Head to the monument at the far side of the town and you will first find Horace behind the stone monument. He will give you the much needed Spirit Medium spell. Speak to him with this and that’s all you need to do so far.

Al Mamoon

You will next find Horace by the entrance to the Palace in Al Mamoon. He will ask you to read a story and answer a question about said story, to which the answer is ‘dragon of the west’. He will reward you with the Draw Poison spell.

Castaway Cove

Don’t panic if you can’t find Horace once you enter the town. He didn’t appear until I finished everything here story wise, so look for him before you move on, on the bridge over looking the boat. The answer to this riddle is ‘finest fiber’. You will be given a useful spell called Vacate for getting this one right.

The Fairyground

Horace seems a little eager to get away from this fantastic place and can be found on the outskirts by the Fairy Godmother. The answer to this riddle is ‘crispy lettuce’.


Horace can be spotted as you enter the town, overlooking the main street from the balcony. The answer this time around is a simple ‘5’. Your prize is the Chart Chest spell, which does what is says, it charts chests on your minimap, making them easy to find. Enclosed areas only though I’m afraid!


Off to colder climates and Horace can be found in the igloo next to the towns northern exit/entrance. You should be able to answer this one, but just in case the answer is ‘blizzard bloom’. You get an attacking spell called ‘Cloudburst’ from Horace for answering this one.


Once you can enter Perdida, head to Swift Solutions and you will find Horace looking at the runes on the board. Naturally, this leads on to you having to translate something, but save yourself the trouble, the answer is ‘jabal al-dukhan’. At long last, you will be given the Veil spell.

There are just a few more riddles so I won’t miss them out.

Ding Dong Dell

Shortly after dealing with Nevermore, head back to where you first met Horace  for one of his harder riddles. The answer to which is ‘unleash’. You will be rewarded with a nice spell called Thunderstorm, which is good for a little crowd control.

Ara Memoriae

Horace will appear at the ruins of Ara Memoriae once you have defeated Gallus in the Ivory Tower. He will ask yet another riddle. Answer with ‘wizard’s robes’ and you will be given a powerful spell called Astra, a strong light-type attack that hits all enemies on the field.

If you revisit Horace at Ara Memoriae when you have reached post game, he will have one more task for you, which of course involves a few more riddles! This time they are relatively easy and are based on things you will have come across in the main story, so you should be able to solve them on your own. (heehee)

Once you have veil, hunting Tokos becomes a whole lot easier. Since you can get it once you reach Perdida, Tokotokos will be the best option for you to train on and in my opinion will remain the best option for the rest of the game. I had a maxed team and trained many familiars for metamorphosis here. And of course, you can use veil to help with more then just hunting Tokos. If you want to avoid encounters all together for example, or if there are other quick familiars that you need to tame… It is a very handy spell.

Well, that’s it for another semi guide. Please feel free to leave a comment or tweet me @FF_Nash if I have missed anything or if you have anything at all to say. :-)

See you soon!

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